Become an Impresario - a community leader at

The impresario earns income from annual memberships, as well as personal performances.

Let's re-awaken your community to classical music with Private Recitals: Qualified musicians and non-musicians have the opportunity to apply for impresario membership at - a national community based on the successful model at PrivateRecitals is designed to inspire and guide new house concert presenters who have a love for classical music, and to connect them with a growing community of world-class talent.

The role of impresario is two-fold
  1. to promote in their area, and recruiting new hosts through proven methods established at
  2. to recruit an exclusive group of 5-10 performers who will join efforts to inspire music fans to fulfill a new role as a house concert presenter. These artists will be the first to benefit by playing concerts in the homes of your region.

What is a Private Recital?
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